Employment Law
Employment Law

Attorneys Representing Employers In Guam

Our attorneys at Camacho Calvo Law Group LLC bring unmatched knowledge, experience and professionalism to employers throughout Guam. In the complex legal landscape of the 21st century, it is important for every business to protect its interests and to be extremely careful with its approach to employee relations.

Our lawyers understand the challenges and complexities involved with employment law. Our primary concern is to protect our clients’ legal and financial interests.

Transactional Employment Law Matters

Our attorneys provide local Guam businesses with legal services that include:

  • Handbook/policy preparation and review: It is critical to have well-considered employment policies. Our attorneys provide exceptional knowledge and experience in this area. We look over our clients’ handbooks and uncover potential legal problems before they arise. We also create handbooks and policies for our clients when needed.
  • Wage and hour consultation: Having an experienced legal team look over the wages, the hourly requirements and benefits packages offered to employees can be an invaluable help in compliance and employee relations. Our lawyers also look at classification issues, involving whether a worker is listed as an employee or as a general contractor for tax purposes. Improper classification could be extremely costly for a business.
  • Equal employment opportunity consultation: No business wants to be charged with or caught violating the equal employment opportunity commission’s (EEOC) regulations for fairness in employment policies. Our attorneys know how to spot potential violations before they occur to help businesses stay in compliance and avoid legal sanctions.
  • Employment-based immigration: Immigration is an extremely complicated area of law, and it is a significant challenge for businesses trying to bring in talent from another country. Our lawyers help clients through the immigration process to get the people they need to make their businesses succeed.
  • Human resources management and best practices: Human resources, policies and best practices are important to the success of any business.

With the help of Camacho Calvo Law Group LLC, our clients can focus on their business, assured that their legal matters are in good hands.

Employment Law Disputes

While good legal counsel can help businesses avoid most disputes, there are times when an employment dispute is inevitable. Our attorneys have extensive litigation experience, which we tap into when needed, but our primary focus is on resolving employment conflicts for our clients efficiently, outside of the courtroom whenever possible.

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