Taxation Law & Compliance
Taxation Law & Compliance

Tax Matters For Businesses

There are so many complicated legal matters for businesses to tend to in today’s marketplace that most commercial endeavors simply cannot survive without some legal professionals handling the legal considerations. It is impossible for businesses to keep up with all the legal requirements and compliance issues on their own, and even most legal experts are ill-equipped to handle the more complicated tax law matters.

At Camacho Calvo Law Group LLC, our legal team consolidates a range of complicated legal services for our corporate and business clients. One of the most significant of these services involves tax-related matters.

Attorney Vincent Camacho has an LLM (Master of Laws) degree in the area of taxation. This education, combined with a Masters in Business Administration and more than a decade of experience representing Guam businesses as an attorney, gives our law firm the unique ability to provide comprehensive, consolidated legal services for our clients.

Comprehensive Representation

Taxes are involved in every aspect of a business’s operations. Our lawyers represent Guam businesses in tax-related matters involving:

  • Employment law: One of the major tax issues in employment law involves classification of workers as either employees or independent contractors.
  • Real estate: There is almost no real estate transaction that does not have a significant tax law component.
  • Trusts and estates: We represent business owners and executives in estate planning. Any type of transfer will have tax implications and we help clients minimize tax consequences, transfer assets and plan their retirements in the most tax-efficient manner possible.

These are just a few of the tax areas we handle. Every aspect of business and corporate law has a tax component. Our attorneys understand the complexities of tax law, to provide sound, thorough counsel for our clients in tax-related areas.

Our attorneys are available by phone in Guam at 671-472-6813, toll-free at 866-491-2707 or by email.