Trusts & Estates
Trusts & Estates

Comprehensive Estate Planning Solutions

Everyone needs an estate plan. While online, do-it-yourself estate plans are available, they will never replace the value of an experienced estates and trusts lawyer. At Camacho Calvo Law Group LLC, our experienced, knowledgeable estate planning attorneys will explain the various options available to you and most importantly, why you should choose one option over another.

Additionally, we will help you transfer your assets in the most efficient manner possible, helping you avoid costly errors and pitfalls in the process.

Our attorneys provide experienced representation and counsel with trust and estate matters for clients in Guam. Backed by extensive experience and knowledge, our lawyers provide personally tailored legal solutions that help our clients reach their estate planning goals and create comprehensive, coordinated, efficient estate plans.

Efficient Transfers

There are numerous ways that a transfer becomes more costly and inefficient than it needs to be. One of the primary causes of inefficiency in an estate plan transfer is estate tax penalties. Our attorneys know tax law and the other fees and costs that can make an estate plan inefficient. We help our clients avoid inefficiencies to create a smooth, effective estate plan.

Integrated Legal Tools

Our lawyers have a comprehensive knowledge of the various trusts and other legal tools needed for our clients’ estate planning initiatives. Whether you are looking to provide for a special-needs child long-term or leave funds to a beneficiary for a very specific purpose, we can help you find the perfect trust instrument to accomplish your goals.

Trust Administration Services

We can also provide comprehensive trust administration services. A trust is a very powerful estate planning tool, but its true value is demonstrated when it becomes necessary to administer the trust. Our attorneys are experienced with drafting as well as administering a wide spectrum of trusts. We can serve as the trustee for your trust or legal counsel for your named trustee, advising them in their fiduciary role as trustee.

Personally Tailored Estate Planning Solutions

We represent everyone from business owners and corporate executives to blue-collar workers across the island. Everyone’s estate planning needs and goals are different, so our lawyers work with each client individually to provide personally tailored solutions.

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